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Renee Jarrett

Owner and Instructor

Renee’s experience with dogs started with a cocker, a rat terrier, 2 miniature poodles until she got Norwegian Elkhounds and Bearded Collies came into her life. A teacher for over 47 years, she has put titles in obedience, rally, conformation and herding. She is an CGC evaluator, Tricks Evaluator, Farm Dog judge and can do AKC Temperament testing for clubs. 

  For the last 12 years, she has taught dog classes.  Among her classes are Puppy Manners / STAR Program, CGC and the advance titles, Rally sign study, and Rally drop in, Trick classes where student can attain AKC titles, Impulse Control levels 1 and 2, Conformation Classes Levels 1 ,2,3, and periodical drop-in sessions.   

 Her strengths are knowing how to teach, providing several methods to accomplish the clients’ goals, and having the patience to solve problems.  Her passion is helping people and their dogs succeed and become a strong partnership.   

The old but new business, Everything Dog, will add more trainers and classes to accommodate the dog community in the surrounding areas.  Everything Dog will welcome working with breed clubs, all-breed clubs, veterinarians, seniors and their dogs as well as young people.  So please come and be a part of Everything Dog.

Renee Jarrett
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