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About our conformation classes...
From Love Banghart

"What a great team! Our dog (and us) enjoyed the classes and the learing experience. Our puppy's self-confidence improved 100%. The drop-in sessions are fun and small enough that the instructor works with each individual to improve the skills that the owner feels need attention. THANK YOU!"

Zella's Group 2 ,Laramie 2015 1.jpeg

Duncan definitely benefitted from practice at drop-in conformation.  He needed two points to finish after his puppy successes.  He got his 14th point on Saturday at Arapahoe under Sharon Newcomb (the judge under whom both his sire and grandsire finished).  Then on Sunday he was WD for that 15th point to finish.  THEN, on to Best of Variety over 3 specials so it turned into his 4th major.


Jan Baynton


Everything Dog is the best! My dog and I have taken several classes there, and still are, and the trainers are all wonderful! They have multiple different ideas to help, so that if one way of doing something doesn't work, they have another way to suggest. My dog always enjoys going, and has made such progress, and we both learn every time we go! They are the premier training center in northern Colorado! They offer so many different classes in different areas from puppy manners, tricks, different levels of conformation and drop-ins, CCG, etc. They have my highest recommendations!!

Robin Bovard


Please come to Everything Dog for classes and connections,
you won’t regret it.

From Shawn Walter

I cannot recommend Everything Dog enough. Renee Jarrett is an amazing, intuitive trainer of people and dogs.
She focuses on not just a command, but a framework to learn that command. First it is connecting with your
dog, then a playful way to have the dog perform the action, finally you add the word and/or signal for the
command. By the time you get to saying “sit” or “come,” your dog already knows what to do! The training is all
dog-positive, the dogs love doing the work. Everything is done on a loose leash, correction is simply a lack of
reward for the non-target behavior. This is the method used by top trainers around the world. My dogs have
learned so quickly with this method.
If you ever have an issue with your dog, Renee will give you things to help, she will build it into the lessons.
There isn’t anything she hasn’t dealt with in her many years with dogs. She will also introduce you to things to
do with your dog such as treat puzzles or flirt poles or games. And she always has an easy, inexpensive
alternative to pricey store-bought items, though once I saw how readily my dog took to the puzzles, I have
many of them that I purchased. Still that isn’t necessary, and she would never make you feel you were an
inadequate dog owner for not buying the “next great thing.”
Please come to Everything Dog for classes and connections, you won’t regret it.

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