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Classes We've Been Known to Offer

Spending some dedicated time with our dogs isn't always easy. But signing up for a class with us is! Below is a list of the current classes we are offering and what you can expect to learn when you attend and practice.

Agility Coursework

Basic Manners

If your dog is older than 12 months and in need of some basic life skills, we can help.

Beginning Parkour

Looking for something fun to do with your dog that will teach new skills and provide exercise for both you and your dog – well then Parkour might be just the thing.

Beginning Puppy Manners/AKC STAR

Beginning Sequencing

Beyond CGC (CGCA and CGCU)

After attaining the CGC title -- these are fun tests to extend your CGC AKC title.

Building Connections with Your Dog

Become the "COOKIE" for your dog and have your dog want to FOCUS on you, MAKE CONNECTIONS and BUILD A STRONG BOND through Proven Activities and Strategies.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

This class is for people looking to enhance their dog/human relationship by working together on an AKC title of CGC, CGCA or CGCU.

Conformation Level 1

Learn about "show dog" stuff is all about and how to manage the dog show experience.

Conformation Level 2

Learn methods for improving your ability to successfully show your dog.

Conformation Level 3

This is for the experienced exhibitor who wants to fine-tune their handling skills.

Conformation Level 4

Preparing experienced exhibitors for the group ring.

Contacts & Weaves

Control Unleashed : Focused and Confident - Level 3

You and your dog learning to process the environment by weaving the unexpected into the safety net of the expected.

Control Unleashed : Foundations - Level 1

We go beyond the basics in this 4 week class, teaching your dog focus and self-control even in
the face of distractions in a small and comfortable group setting.

Control Unleashed : Reactive to Relaxed - Level 2

Continuation of Control Unleashed : Foundations

Control Unleashed : Sports and Life - Level 4

Applying Control Unleashed skills in more and more distracting situations.

Dancing Levels 1 & 2

Also referred to as "Dancing With Your Dog," this fun class promotes the joy and movement of dancing with you and your dog as a team.

It's a Mind Thing - Bronze, Silver and Gold

Intro to Agility Flatwork

Intro to Agility Handling

Junior Handling

For the younger Dog Fanciers between the ages of 8- 16 to learn what is involved in Junior Handling.

Obedience : Coaching the Beginner Obedience Dog

Introduction of BN/Novice exercises in a relaxing, fun environment

Obedience : Utility Obedience

Open and Beyond Obedience

This class requires a good knowledge of Novice Obedience as a pre-requisite.

Rally Practice-Adv, Exc, & Masters

This is for the Rally connoisseurs that are wanting to practice the 3 higher levels in preparation for VIRTUAL submission.

Rally Practice-Novice & Intermediate

This is for the Rally connoisseurs that are wanting to practice the lower 2 levels in preparation for VIRTUAL submission.

Rally Sign Instruction

This class is for the beginners to Rally.

Ring Ready - Novice Obedience

The primary focus of this class is to learn the novice exercises.


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