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Jan Meyer


Jan has trained and raised black labradors for over 30 years.  She began training and competing in obedience 15 years ago and in dance, 6 years ago.  Jan has titled at the highest levels in both obedience and dog dancing. Although she has never had any formal dance training, she taught piano and voice and performed all over Colorado in bands. After all the competing with her dogs, she finally unlocked the secret of success - HAVING FUN!  Once Jan's dog's began dancing, their whole attitudes changed from stressed out to loving being a partner with music.  Their performances in obedience improved as they became more proficient in freestyle dog dancing.  Now all 5 of her dogs dance, including a 6 month old puppy. Tails wag as soon as the music starts.  Jan can help you learn to have the undeniable happiness  of dancing with your dog. She can create choreography that fits your dog and edit music appropriately. Jan is so excited to share the love of Musical Freestyle


Jan Meyer
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