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How Long Will This Take?

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Using positive methods, classes at Everything Dog are thoughtfully designed to teach both you and your dog to learn and work as a team in the amount for the weeks a class is offered.  And like humans attend school for several years, one class of 5 or 6 weeks will start the partnership, but future classes will solidify the training that is necessary to have a good family member.  Like most things in life, the more practice invested with your dog between class will certainly bring quicker results and help you to meet your goal for your dog.

There are variables for every dog, as different breeds learn differently. The age of the dog, proper socialization, and prior training are other variables to consider. If a dog ‘s behavior problems need to be addressed, this also can affect each dog’s rate of learning.   

We are confident our wide variety of great classes and experienced trainers can partner with you and your dog to accomplish the goals you seek!

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