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Changes at Everything Dog

In response to the concern over increased respiratory disease in dogs in Colorado, we are making some changes to help limit exposure for your dogs. Please see the information below. We are also linking to the Colorado Ag page and the AKC page for the latest information available. We will be re-evaluating these changes as more information is available.

  • We will be doing additional cleaning/disinfecting throughout the week. 

  • We will be limiting future classes to 4 participants per class until further notice (with the exception of Nosework, where dogs are kept in cars). We may make additional changes to allow for larger classes, but still keep dogs as safe as possible.

  • We will have people keep their dogs in their cars and the trainer will come and allow 1 human /dog team to enter the facility and to go to a designated area (a corner) and will not have any of the teams be close to each other in our main area at any time.  DO NOT COME INTO THE CENTER AND WAIT IN THE FRONT AREA.  

  • When exiting our facility, one team will be exiting at a time. 

  • If our clients decide not to attend a class, the trainer will send home the work through email or their own website so that the lesson/practice can be done at home.

  • We are also relying on all clients to inform your trainer if your dog has shown signs of any medical situation, and the trainer will communicate the information to the other clients in the class. 

  • Please keep your dog at home if any signs/symptoms show up and please communicate to your trainer.

  • All trainers will be communicating with each other about their client’s communication dealing with this medical situation especially if the client is taking more than one class from different trainers.  

  • The trainers do have the right to ask any client, that if the trainer sees symptoms of a possible infection, to leave our facility. This is for the protection of all our dogs.

  • We will not be supplying a communal water bowl. 


 For upcoming classes, VACCINE RECORDS WILL BE REQUIRED before attending classes. These records are due to attend the first class.



For Puppies to attend classes, proof of the following vaccines will be necessary or a record of the titers that have been done:

  • At least 2 -3 vaccines of the following:

Canine adenovirus Type 1 and 2, Canine Distemper, Canine Parvovirus,

Canine parainfluenza, Canine Bordetella

As for adults, we are requiring a copy of the most up-to date record of vaccination and /or titers. The required vaccines are the ones listed above.

Additional Thoughts

About the Upper Respiratory Problems with Our Dogs

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