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Struggling to figure out what you're going to do between Christmas and New Years? Want to grab a little extra training time with your dog? Want to bring along a friend or two and their dog(s)?

Join us for a Flash Practice on Dec 30th & 31st!

For just $30 cash (Payable at the door, Preregistration Required), you and up to 2 friends can have a specialized 30min instruction in one area of Obedience or run a Rally Course. That means 2 people pay $15 each! Or 3 people pay $10 each!

Sign up below and one of our instructors will get back to you with a specific time for you and your friends to join us at the Training Center in Loveland.

Pre-registration ends Dec 29th at 6:00pm.

Please note: Only 1 dog per handler for this activity.
AM Training Topics: 9am - 12pm
PM Training Topics : 1pm - 4pm
Day Preference

Thanks! We'll send you a confirmation time soon!

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