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K9 Nose Work® 3 – Intro to Odor

This class is the third in a series and expands on skills learned in the Intro and Elements classes. Dogs are introduced to the first target odor – birch oil (provided by the instructor). Dogs will continue to search in all four K9 Nose Work search “elements:” containers, interiors, exteriors, and vehicles. Handlers will be introduced to more advanced leash handling skills.

PREREQUISITES: K9 NOSE WORK – 1 AND 2 OR INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL. All dogs must be able to be “car crated” or quietly wait their turn in a covered crate. Owners must provide crates and covers if crating indoors. Students may run up to two dogs; one class fee/per dog.

K9 Nose Work® 3 – Intro to Odor

Teaching your dog how to search for target odors.

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