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Classes We've Been Known To Offer!

Spending some dedicated time with our dogs isn't always easy. But signing up for a class with us is! Below is a list of the current classes we are offering and what you can expect to learn when you attend and practice.

Agility Foundations

The Agility Foundations class is for dog-handler teams that have little to no experience in agility training. 

This class engages the dog's brain and body in a fun way! You will learn some of the basic terminology, warm-up exercises, footwork and body language on the flat If your dog has basic obedience skills, he will love, love, love this class. 

Weeks 1 and 2 are focused on teaching your dog to pay attention to you on and off leash and we practice hand signaling and footwork. A regulation tunnel is introduced in week 3 and weave poles in week 4 to whet your appetite for this amazing sport.

Puppy Portrait
Surviving Puppyhood-Puppy Manners

What do you want/expect from your puppy? Do you 'speak' the same language? Do you communicate well?

We'll work on basic obedience and communication skills. We'll problem solve and work on problem prevention. If you want your puppy to grow into an adult dog that's friendly, confident, well-behaved and fun, join us!

We keep the class size to a minimum to maximize this opportunity to interact with your puppy in a positive environment. We also need at least two participants enrolled in this class to to help the puppy learn that giving full attention to you has value. 

Next Level - Thriving During Puppyhood

You've gone through our Surviving Puppyhood class (or another puppy kindergarten class) and you realize you need to continue your puppy's education.

In this class, we continue to work on enhancing the partnership and trust between you and your dog. We focus on more consistent success with the behaviors of Sit, Down, Recall, Wait and more.

As a special bonus, you'll be introduced to our Operation Socialization program. It is a program designed to raise a friendly, adaptable, and easy-to-train family dog.

Prerequisite: Surviving Puppyhood, another puppy kindergarten, or a free evaluation.

Cute  Beaglier
Building Connections w/ Your Dog

Become the "COOKIE" for your dog and have your dog want to FOCUS on you, MAKE CONNECTIONS and BUILD A STRONG BOND through Proven Activities and Strategies. This class uses the tools of Hand Signaling, Targets for Focus, Platforms for behaviors like Comes, Heeling, Stands/Sits/Waits/Stays, and how to use your Body, Eyes, Treats, and Clickers to get the best COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR DOG. This class is the Foundation class to Performance Behaviors, Conformation, and just BUILDING THAT PARTNERSHIP THAT ALL OWNERS AND DOGS WANT. This class is 5 weeks long.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

This class is for people looking to enhance their dog/human relationship by working together on an AKC title of CGC, CGCA or CGCU. A CGC title is typically required for therapy work. You'll have fun with your dog learning and refining the 10 test items. These are practical behaviors associated with a well-mannered dog.  We offer a 5-week class and a 4-week accelerated class with testing offered during the last class.

Beyond CGC (CGCA and CGCU)

After attaining the CGC title -- these are fun tests to gain AKC titles. And we can just test your dog for these levels or by contacting us. This is not a specific number of classes. Just contact us to get tested. Or we can include it in the regular CGC class.

Rally Sign Instruction

This class is for the beginners to Rally. You will be learning specific signs and what are the behaviors and signaling that you and your dog need. We practice up to 20 signs to get you ready for doing rally courses. This is a 5-week class in preparation to do the rally practice classes.

Joy practicing Rally1.jpg
Rally Practice-Novice & Intermediate

This is for the clients who are wanting to practice the 2 levels in preparation for either doing the VIRTUAL filming to submit to AKC. Or if the clients want to do actual rally trials we will offer the Novice and Intermediate level courses for practice. This is for 5 week rounds and we put up both levels in each session.

Rally Practice-Adv, Exc, & Masters

This is for the clients that are wanting to practice the 3 levels in preparation for doing the VIRTUAL filming for the Advance level only to submit to AKC. Or if clients will be doing actual rally trials, we will offer the Excellent and Master level courses for practice and each client will be giving input to help each other at these levels. This is for 5 week rounds and we put up both levels in each session.

Joy practicing Rally1.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 9.00.45 AM.png
Conformation Level 1

Learn about show equipment, how to enter shows, how to use your leash and collar, ring etiquette, proper movement for your breed, and tips for the novice handler and/or novice dog. This is a 5-week class and taking the Building Connections With Your Dog is suggested first.

Conformation Level 2

Learn methods for improving hard and free stacking, breaking down what each participant and their dog need to work on - tips on how to handle certain situations in the ring, such as other exhibitors, preparing for the ring and understanding judging. This is a 5-week class.

Zella's Group 2 ,Laramie 2015 1.jpeg
Conformation Level 3

This is for the experienced exhibitor. This is a more personalized session to help you improve you and your dog's performance. We will video your work to aid in self evaluations and to see where you and/or your dog may need additional work. This is a 5-week class.

Conformation Level 4

Preparing experienced exhibitors for the group ring. This session will give you the confidence, insight, and skills you'll need after you win that Best of Breed ribbon. You'll learn how to navigate, compete, and WIN in group and Best-In-Show. We will be sharing our experiences to work toward MENTAL PREPARATION for the group ring and on to Best In Show. This is a 5-week class.

Montana Group 1 Scottsbluff 2018.jpg
Junior Handling

Students between the ages of 8- 16 learn what is involved in Jr. Handling in Conformation for AKC, UKC, and International shows.  Skills acquired will include ring etiquette, developing a partnership with your dog, and understanding the rules. 

Beginning Parkour

Looking for something fun to do with your dog that will teach new skills and provide exercise for both you and your dog – well then Parkour might be just the thing. In this class we will learn basic parkour skills and begin to chain them together. We will also learn how to find places to practice parkour in parks and on trails. The last class will take place in a park where we can try out our new skills. Skills will include crawling, sidestep, ladder walk and other parkour skills.  Emphasis is placed on safely developing new skills and appropriately spotting your dog in these new skills 

Dogs with Dog Walker
Basic Manners

If your dog is older than 12 months and in need of some basic life skills, we can help. Let us help you build skills and create a closer bond with your dog. Communication is the key, we will work together to teach your dog the basics…sit, down, come, and stay...along with so much more. Join us for an enjoyable and engaging learning experience. Included will be cooperative care skills, having a safe place to go when life just gets to be too much, and we will work through what your dog is saying and what they are "hearing" from you. 

Musical Freestyle

Also referred to as "Dancing With Your Dog," this fun class promotes the joy and movement of dancing with you and your dog as a team. You do not need to have a dance background. Just enjoy bonding with your dog and moving to music. You will be starting with basic musical freestyle moves.
Prerequisite: Ability to move with your dog at your side, on and off leash. This means that you have control of your dog and he behaves politely around other dogs, whether he is on or off leash. No aggression or reactive dogs will be allowed due to the nature of the class.

Equipment needed: collar, leash, and plenty of treats.

Little ballerina dancing with her cute d
Obedience - BN/N

This is for the clients that are wanting to work at a beginning level of obedience and trialing. BN (Beginning Novice) can be filmed and submitted to AKC for a title or the clients can get ready to go to obedience trials. Novice level is the next level and does include different activities. Each week we practice different courses and do work on tips to increase your performance. This is a 5-week session.

Open and Beyond Obedience

This class requires a good knowledge of Novice Obedience as a pre-requisite.  Our focus will be on learning the details of the open and utility exercises through fun and bonding with your dog.  Whether you are looking to navigate the high end obedience exercises or want to be ring ready, this class is for you.  Since heeling is so important to all levels of obedience, we will focus on the bond between you and your dog while heeling. 5-week session.

Lab with dumbell (2).jpg
Ring Ready - Novice Obedience

The primary focus of this class is to learn the novice exercises so you and your dog are comfortable and successful in the obedience ring. Whether you are new to competition obedience or a seasoned competitor, this class will work on the details needed to earn a CD title

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