Classes We've Been Known To Offer!

Spending some dedicated time with our dogs isn't always easy. But signing up for a class with us is! Below is a list of the current classes we are offering and what you can expect to learn when you attend and practice.

Puppy Manners - New Beginnings

You've got a new puppy! Building trust and bonding with your dog is crucial. You'll learn all that and more . . . AND . . . have fun, too! You will be introduced to certain behaviors and work through some behavior situations that happen with puppies.

Beyond Puppy Manners

This class is the next level after Puppy Manners and will work further on sits, downs, waits, stays, comes, and loose leash walking. We incorporate games and positive reinforcements along with high value treats, tug toys, and clicker introduction. This is a great class to prepare your pup for obedience or CGC or Rally class!

Prerequisite: Puppy Manners or evaluation

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Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

During this 6 week class, the required 10 test items are practiced each week along with all of the pre-work to accomplish the test items. The last class is the test and graduation.

Beyond CGC (CGCA and CGCU)

This is for those owners and their dogs that have accomplished the CGC and have their title but want to gain the next 2 levels of AKC titles. These are Canine Good Citizen - Advanced and Canine Good Citizen - Urban.

Rally – Novice, Intermediate, Advance

Learn about the signs in Rally and the behaviors your dog will need to do Rally, gaining confidence for both of you should you decide to compete. We have the capability to capture your runs on video to give you the opportunity to submit to AKC's Virtual Rally program.

Rally Drop-In

Have you been working with your dog on the signs and think you're ready to try putting it all together? Or maybe you want some extra practice time with the skills you've learned from the Understanding the Signs class? Then this class is for you! Please note there is NO sign instruction in this class. We will setup courses for you to drop in and practice with your dog, but instruction is all up to you. 

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Conformation - Foundation (Level I)

Learn about show equipment, terminology, positioning, ring etiquette, movement, and necessary tips for the novice dog or handler. This class is perfect for puppies beginning their show career.

Conformation – Level II

Learn methods for improving hard and free stacking, breaking down what each participant and their dog need to work on - tips on how to handle certain situations in the ring, such as other exhibitors, preparing for the ring and understanding judging.

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Conformation - Level III

This is for the experienced exhibitor. This is a more personalized session to help you improve you and your dog's performance. We will video your work to aid in self evaluations and to see where you and/or your dog may need additional work.

Conformation – Level IV

Preparing experienced exhibitors for the group ring. This session will give you the confidence, insight, and skills you'll need after you win that Best of Breed ribbon. You'll learn how to navigate, compete, and WIN in group and Best-In-Show.

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Junior Handling

Students between the ages of 8- 16 learn what is involved in Jr. Handling in Conformation for AKC, UKC, and International shows.  Skills acquired will include ring etiquette, developing a partnership with your dog, and understanding the rules. 

Beginning Parkour

Looking for something fun to do with your dog that will teach new skills and provide exercise for both you and your dog – well then Parkour might be just the thing. In this class we will learn basic parkour skills and begin to chain them together. We will also learn how to find places to practice parkour in parks and on trails. The last class will take place in a park where we can try out our new skills. Skills will include crawling, sidestep, ladder walk and other parkour skills.  Emphasis is placed on safely developing new skills and appropriately spotting your dog in these new skills 

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Cooperative Care

Working on helping your dog be comfortable with other people touching and handling them. We will work together to help them gain confidence in situations such as going to the vet, the groomer, and even yourself!

Musical Freestyle Level 1

Also referred to as "Dancing With Your Dog," this fun class promotes the joy and movement of dancing with you and your dog as a team. You do not need to have a dance background. Just enjoy bonding with your dog and moving to music. You will be starting with basic musical freestyle moves.
Prerequisite: Ability to move with your dog at your side, on and off leash. This means that you have control of your dog and he behaves politely around other dogs, whether he is on or off leash. No aggression or reactive dogs will be allowed due to the nature of the class.

Equipment needed: collar, leash, and plenty of treats.

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A group of dogs listen to the commands o
Obedience - BN/N

For those owners who want to learn the beginning steps to the obedience titles from AKC, then this is the class for you!  You learn several techniques for heeling, sits, downs, stays, comes, and eventually we will video your performances so you can send them in to get your virtual Beginning Novice titles as well as your virtual Novice titles too.