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Renee Jarrett

Renee’s experience with dogs started with a cocker, a rat terrier, 2 miniature poodles until she got Norwegian Elkhounds and Bearded Collies came into her life. A teacher for over 47 years, she has put titles in obedience, rally, conformation and herding. She is an CGC evaluator, Tricks Evaluator, Farm Dog judge and can do AKC Temperament testing for clubs. 

  For the last 12 years, she has taught dog classes.  Among her classes are Puppy Manners / STAR Program, CGC and the advance titles, Rally sign study, and Rally drop in, Trick classes where student can attain AKC titles, Impulse Control levels 1 and 2, Conformation Classes Levels 1 ,2,3, and periodical drop-in sessions.   

 Her strengths are knowing how to teach, providing several methods to accomplish the clients’ goals, and having the patience to solve problems.  Her passion is helping people and their dogs succeed and become a strong partnership.   

The old but new business, Everything Dog, will add more trainers and classes to accommodate the dog community in the surrounding areas.  Everything Dog will welcome working with breed clubs, all-breed clubs, veterinarians, seniors and their dogs as well as young people.  So please come and be a part of Everything Dog.

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Doreen Godfrey

Doreen Godfrey thrives on helping people understand the language of dogs. Training dogs with positive reinforcement for over 30 years, Doreen has worked with a variety of breeds on titles in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, and Agility. She spent many years fostering dogs where she had the opportunity to teach new life skills to the foster dogs and, perhaps more importantly, to their adoptive guardians.   

Today, Doreen coaches both dog owners and their dog partners using respectful, positive methodology to develop a trusting relationship and a strong bond to enhance body, mind, and spirit.

Karen Jennings-Turnbull

From a young toddler on Karen has been surrounded by dogs, so it was no wonder that over 50 years ago she found herself with her first show dog and the beginning of a passionate, fulfilling and successful career showing her Champion Skye Terriers.  Karen believes success in the Conformation ring is achieved beginning with early socialization for puppies, to positive training for adults including focusing on the whole dog/owner bond.   

Karen also believes all dogs should have good manners and have a little fun and has worked in CGC, Rally, and Trick Title.   

Karen has handled her dogs to numerous National Specialty Wins, Multiple Groups, and Best In Show, and looks forward to helping those at all levels of Conformation wishing to learn and increase their skills.

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M Milich

For M Milich dogs have been the key to a wonderful and fulfilling life. M sees her relationship with her dogs as helping her to grow and be a better person and believes through her positive training methods she helps her dogs reach their potential. Training dogs for over 30 years primarily in Conformation for competition, but more importantly working to always be good community and family members.  

M continues to search out new training techniques from worldwide experts, always learning so she can help in the way that works best for you and your canine partner.  

JoDee Putnins

JoDee Putnins is passionate about teaching and about helping dog owners understand that to better train their dog, they only need to change their own way of thinking. JoDee has studied under world-class dog trainers and specializes in puppy evaluations, crate games, and mind teasers (for dogs). 

While training for over nine years, JoDee has had the pleasure of being ‘owned’ by long-haired dachshunds, mixed-breed dogs, and Samoyeds. The Samoyed breed is JoDee’s heart and soul and she has competed with her champion Samoyeds in almost every Samoyed National Specialty for the past eight years.


Jan Meyer

Jan has trained and raised black labradors for over 30 years.  She began training and competing in obedience 15 years ago and in dance, 6 years ago.  Jan has titled at the highest levels in both obedience and dog dancing. Although she has never had any formal dance training, she taught piano and voice and performed all over Colorado in bands. After all the competing with her dogs, she finally unlocked the secret of success - HAVING FUN!  Once Jan's dog's began dancing, their whole attitudes changed from stressed out to loving being a partner with music.  Their performances in obedience improved as they became more proficient in freestyle dog dancing.  Now all 5 of her dogs dance, including a 6 month old puppy. Tails wag as soon as the music starts.  Jan can help you learn to have the undeniable happiness  of dancing with your dog. She can create choreography that fits your dog and edit music appropriately. Jan is so excited to share the love of Musical Freestyle

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